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Updated: Feb 2, 2023




Additional Equipment

  • Stand Mixer with dough hook or Mixing Bowl & Wooden Spoon

  • Liquid measuring cup

  • Parchment Paper

  • Large Slotted Spoon

  • 2 Baking Sheets

  • Large Pot

  • Kitchen Towel

Additional Ingredients

  • Water

  • Cooking Oil

  • Flour (for dusting surfaces)

Kit Contents

  • Bagel Baking Mix

  • Malt Syrup

  • All Dressed Bagel Spice Blend

  • Baking Yeast

  • Honey




Before you begin

  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees

  • Line one baking sheet with parchment

  • Clean a counter surface

  • Fill a large pot with water and heat to boil

PRO Tips to Keep in mind

  • If you are using a stand mixer be aware of the capacity and power to ensure the mixer has the torque to get the job done, otherwise, get ready for a workout!

  • Water temperature is important for yeast to activate and this will have a huge impact on the success of your bagels- 100°–110°F (37-44°C) is the ideal temperature, warm but not hot

  • Add your liquid half at a time, to ensure flour is hydrating

step 1: prepare the dry ingredients

- Empty the contents of the Bagel Making Mix into a large bowl or stand mixer bowl.

- Add the yeast packet to the mix and combine.

step 2: prepare the wet ingredients

- Measure 400 ml, warm not hot water into a liquid measuring cup.

- Empty contents of malt syrup and mix with warm water until combined.

- Add 50ml of oil and stir to combine.

step 3: mix em' up

- Add the liquid ingredients to the dry and mix on low with a dough hook for 5-7 minutes or kneed by hand on a floured surface until the dough ball is formed and begins to smooth.

- Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and rest for 15 minutes

step 4: shape' em up

- Divide the dough in half, and divide each half into 6 equal parts (12 pieces total).

- Using both hands, roll a dough ball into a rope 10-12 inches long.

- Loop the rope around one hand and ensure the ends meet, to close the loop.

- Press the loop closed in a rolling motion on the counter to ensure both ends stick together and close.

- If the dough is too try and tearing, spray with a bit of water or lightly dampen your hands- this is due to the hyrdation level of the flour

Check it out in real time!

step 5: rest & wait

- Place the shaped bagels on the parchment lined baking sheet.

- Once all 12 are rolled, cover with clean kitchen towel and let rise for 20 minutes, in a warm setting or until the dough springs back when touched.

step 6: boil' em

- Bring the pot of water to a simmering boil- not a high rolling boil.

- Carefully add the contents of the honey mixing to dissolve.

- Carefully drop the bagels one at a time into the boiling water

- do not over crowd the pot or bagels will lose the round shape- try 2 or 4 at a time!

- Boil for 1 minute before gently flipping the bagels over, boil for another minute.

- Remove the bagels with a slotted spoon onto a baking tray, 4 at a time

step 7: seed 'em

- Sprinkle seeds into a shallow bowl

- Carefully dip one side of the bagel into the seeds and while still warm and sticky, place seeded bagels onto a parchment lined baking sheet *for the full Hudson experience cover both sides with seeds

- Repeat steps 6 &7 until all 12 bagels are boiled and seeded

step 8: bake'em

- Bake in 425 degree oven for 20-25 minutes, rotating the pan half way through as necessary.




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