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Do You Deliver?

Yes! We now offer next day delivery on freshly baked bagels and cream cheese spreads. 

Click Here to place your order!

Also available to order on Skip, Door Dash & Uber!

How are Hudson Bagels made?

Every Hudson Bagel is made fresh daily, hand rolled with love, no machine, no extruder! Each bagel has their own identity! First, boiled in a sweetened water, then baked to a glossy golden brown perfection.

Are the delicious Cream Cheese Spreads made in-house?

Of Course they are! Our cream cheese fairies are busy whipping up batches of smooth, spreadable, and flavorful combinations that pair well with each and every bagel.

Are Hudson Bagels Montreal or New York Style?

Hudson Bagels are a uniquely Winnipeg Style Bagel! We mash up elements of the Montreal Bagel that we love (boiled in honey water), and baked in a convection oven for a light and fluffy bagel (like New York). Our bagels hold up to thick cream cheese spreads and make decadent sandwiches. 

Vegan Bagels?

Absolutely we do! Our Plain and Chocolatey Chip Bagels are vegan!  But try to tell the difference! Our vegan bagels are made without eggs, and boiled in a sweetened water without honey, but still have the same tenderness, chew and sweetness. AND we have a vegan cream cheese spread too!

What about allergies? Nuts, Dairy?

Even though our bagels do not contain dairy, or nuts, we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination in our kitchen, and our customers safety is a top priority!

Gluten Free Bagels?

We wish we did! Our bakery makes hundreds of bagels each day and, no matter how well we clean, we cannot guarantee the cross contamination from wheat or rye flours.

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